In memory of Freddie Appleyard.
A website to help disabled children and their families.

What we do

We set up Freddie's Friends in 2008 in memory of our lovely son. In the years since, with the help of our wonderful fundraisers, donors and sponsors, Freddie's have been able to provide specialist equipment, support and respite for disabled children and their families.

  • 2015: A swing for Ben


    We have just funded a special swing for Ben. Ben cannot see so loves the wind on his face. Lovely happy boy xx

  • 2015: A Beanbag to keep Finleigh safe


    Lovely Finleigh on his big beanbag which will keep him safe. A very special boy xx

  • 2015: A Proloque2Go for Alistair

    A Proloquo2Go for Alistair

    A Voice.... Alistair is an 11 year old boy who suffers from Angelman Syndrome & Epilepsy. We have funded a Proloquo2Go to help Alistair with his communication outside of his immediate family e.g his carers, at his youth club and peers.

    With your support & fundraising we can continue to help special children like Alistair xx

  • Charlie & Aiden

    Thanks to your wonderful support we passed funding for two epilepsy monitor's for Charlie & Aiden, hopefully this will give some peace of mind for their parents during the night.

  • Freddie's Friend Harry

    Harry Greene

    Harry applied for funding for a Playpak ( ).

    Harry who suffers from Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy, Kidney Failure & Global Development Delays will benefit greatly from the Playpak. It will help him sit unaided, and support him when laid on his tummy lifting his head and support for his spine.

    It's also very portable which will be easier for Harry's parents to take with them.

  • 2014: Christmas Panto

    Freddies Christmas Panto

    Our fantastic Christmas Panto was a lovely occasion for over 70 of our special children and parents to relax and socialise.