In memory of Freddie Appleyard.
A website to help disabled children and their families.

What we do

We set up Freddie's Friends in 2008 in memory of our lovely son. In the years since, with the help of our wonderful fundraisers, donors and sponsors, Freddie's have been able to provide specialist equipment, support and respite for disabled children and their families.

  • 2023: A special needs pushchair for Aston.


    A special needs pushchair for Aston.

  • Saphire

    A weighted blanket for Saphire who has lots of sensory needs. The blanket will help calm her down and hopefully let her have a good nights sleep.

  • A special needs stroller

    A special needs stroller for a lovely little boy new to this country who has multiple needs. The stroller will help his mum take him out for some much needed fresh air while keeping him safe.

  • Oliver, Nancy and Eliza

    Oliver, Nancy and Eliza all have sensory processing needs. We purchased fibre optic equipment, fidget toys and a sensory den to help make their lives a little easier and happier.

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    2023: A special needs swing for Toby


    A special needs swing for gorgeous, brave, Toby who has a serious heart condition and lots of other needs. As you can see he loves chilling out in it which helps him and his lovely family.

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    2023: A safe pram for Marci


    A new safe pram for growing boy Marci!

  • Laura, Bronson and Stanley

    We have purchased sensory processing therapy for Laura, Bronson and Stanley.

  • Jayden

    Jayden has received an epilepsy movement monitor to make sure him and his family have a good nights sleep.

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    2022-2023: Josh and Olivers relaxing den

    Josh and Oliver

    A wonderful sensory den to relax in for special needs brothers Josh and Oliver.

  • Lily-Mae

    A donation towards a specialist chair for Lily-Mae.

  • Jake

    For Jake a leg brace rocker.

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    2022-2023: kaci's relaxing den


    Kaci has brightened up her bedroom with a comfy pink bean bag, a star sensory light and a sensory jelly fish tank.

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    2022-2023: Eliza's relaxing den


    These lovely words from Eliza’s mum which makes what we do worthwhile
    "Thank you soo much.
    This has really allowed Eliza a calm safe space to help her regulate when things get a little over whelming.
    She loves everything we got and we will be forever grateful as a family.
    Her bed sock helped her to sleep until 7:30am this morning and only two wake up’s during the night .. what a miracle !!

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    2023: A safe pushchair for lily


    We purchased a special needs pushchair for Lily.

  • Austin with his new sensory toy


    For Austin we have provided some sensory toys and a fiber optic light source which will hopefully help him settle and have a much needed rest.

  • Michael

    Michael is all snug in a new disability stroller.