In memory of Freddie Appleyard.
A website to help disabled children and their families.

Who we are

Hello and welcome to Freddie's Friends Website. We have set this charity up in memory of our beautiful boy Freddie Appleyard, who fell asleep on December 30th 2008, aged 2 years, 4 months. Freddie was born with a rare brain disorder which meant that he had lots of problems, including Epilepsy, Hemiplegia, global delays and was registered partially sighted. Initially Freddie was a happy little boy who loved eating mashed potato, drinking lots of milk and watching his television programmes. He would play for hours in the bath and enjoyed nothing more than sitting in his wheelchair and going for a long walk!

This was all to change when Freddie was one and a half. After suffering a massive seizure he developed a movement disorder and became much weaker. He lost the ability to swallow and had to have a PEG button fitted. He was no longer the happy smiley boy we knew, and even the bath and his programmes couldn't make him smile.

Freddie was much weaker over Christmas 2008 and developed a chest infection. On the 30th December 2008 he fell asleep on the settee at home, all snuggled in his fleecy blanket, and decided not to wake up!

Myself, Mark, Joe and our wonderful friends and family have been left devastated by the loss of our little angel, but know that he is now at peace. We know what families of disabled children have to go through on a daily basis, and we know how expensive things can be. That's why we have set up this website Freddie's Friends. We will raise money through different events, and then will help other special children who need new equipment, or some money for therapy, or just to pay for a short break or a special toy that they would like.

If you can help in any way, know of someone who may benefit from Freddie's friends, or if you just fancy a chat, please e-mail me on

Thank you x x x

Freddie's Friends is registered with the UK governments charity commission.
Our charity registration number is 1141940.

Freddie with his family
  • Rachel: Hi, I am Freddie's Mum and couldn't be prouder of my beautiful brave little boy. Before I had Freddie I was a manager of a Behaviour Unit but gave up my job to devote myself to Freddie. I am now back working full time in Education and spend lots of my spare time raising funds and arranging events for Freddies Friends. I am also Mum to Joe who is 26.

  • Joseph: Hi, I am Freddie's big brother Joe and I have just signed my first professional rugby league contract with Hull Kingston Rovers and study P.E & Media at college, I am so proud of Freddie and the work we do at Freddie's Friends and I know he will be watching me from the best stand up above x x

  • Nooley: I am Nooley (Mark) and am Joe and Freddie's Dad - I have a business on the docks and also spend lots of my spare time helping raise funds for special children, and we know Freddie is with us every day, and will be so proud.