In memory of Freddie Appleyard.
A website to help disabled children and their families.

What we do

We set up Freddie's Friends in 2008 in memory of our lovely son. In the years since, with the help of our wonderful fundraisers, donors and sponsors, Freddie's have been able to provide specialist equipment, support and respite for disabled children and their families.

  • Xander Jeffries

    Xander as difficulties in sleeping and his Mum found that a weighted blanket help calm Xander and help with his sleeping pattern. He had a blanket on loan so we stepped in to purchase Xander one.

  • Sky Steventon

    Sky who as just been featured in the Hull Daily Mail suffers from a rare form of epilepsy Dravet Syndrome. Freddie's Friends has just funded a specialist touch screen tablet for Sky to enjoy :)

  • Jacob Rouse

    Jacob is a happy little boy who suffers from the eye sight condition Retinablastoma. Jacob had been supplied with a Special Needs Stroller and Freddie's stepped in to fund the storm cover & foot muff to keep him nice & warm from the elements.

  • Dylan Wilkin

    Dylan as been diagnosed with the condition Lipomyelomeningocele (spinal), he is only 2 1/2 years old and already gone through 14 operations! Freddies as supplied the accessories (Foot Muff, Rain Shield, Sun Canopy & Basket) for his special needs stroller. :)

  • Gorgeous Robert with his tube sorter and special roller seat to help him get around more easily.

    Robert Worley

    Robert has been diagnosis of Mytonic Dystophy, chronic lung disease and severe hearing loss. He is tube fed and has developmental and speech delay. Robert gets around by shuffling around on his bum, so Freddie's Friends as just funded Robert with a round roller for getting around on and a tubular trail to encourage his hand-eye co-ordination.

  • Emi with her special sensory dome which we helped to fund. Looks like she is happy with it.

    Emi Taylor

    Emi is 11 years old and suffers from from a condition called Infantile Refsumis Syndrome which means she functions at a 2 year old level. Emi also as problems with her sight, hearing and communication. Along with Lilys Fund, Freddie's Friends has purchased a Bubble Dome which Emi loves and keeps her calm.

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    Gorgeous boy Layton in his special swing which we funded.

    Layton Chapman

    Layton is a beautiful happy boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsey, Cerebral Venous Thrombosis and Epilepsy. With your continued support Freddies has been able to funded a special needs swing for Layton to enjoy xx

  • Lucy Barnett

    Lucy has global development delays, communication difficulties, learning difficulties and visual problems. Lucy's mum Sian requested an specialist adjustable secure seat for Lucy and Freddie's were delighted to fund the chair :)

  • Poppy Dales

    Poppy is one of Freddie's oldest friends and she has just been supplied with a specialist pushchair and Freddie's Friends were delighted to fund the canopy & rain cover for Poppy new wheels x

  • Freddie's Friend Jacob.

    Jacob Hill

    Jacob has many complicated needs and his mum asked Freddies if we could fund a dark den & slime projector for when he comes distressed and anxious. We were more than happy to fund these for Jacob x

  • Freddie's Friend James

    James Myers

    Beautiful James suffers from epilepsy, cortical visual impairment and development delays. His mum Kirsty applied for a fibreoptic sensory lighting unit. Along with our friends at Lily's fund we were both delighted to fund these for James xxx

  • Freddie's Friend Amber Jefferson

    Amber Jefferson

    Amber suffers from regular seizure, development delays and has been diagnosed to have a chromosome (no 2p-16.3) deletion. Her mum Marie requested a bouncy castle to strengthen her muscle control. Enjoy Amber!!!

  • Jay Ashton

    Jay suffers from epilepsy and has many seizures. For his mum Anna's peace of mind Freddies funded a night video monitor x

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    Freddie's Friend Mia

    Mia Young & Harry Greene

    With continued support from Peter Nesbitt & the Freemasons Grand Charity we were able to supply Mia & Harry with a specialist P-Pod bean chair. Many thanks to Peter and the Masonic Lodge xx

  • Freddie's Friend Evie at Legoland

    Evie Whitfield

    Evie has been very poorly recently and her wish was to spend the weekend at Legoland in the Princess Room. We were delighted to offer a donation to Evie's special weekend away xx

  • Freddie's Friend Harry with his blanket

    Harry Taylor

    Harry suffers from severe autism and Freddie's Friends were delighted to buy a weighted blanket for Harry to help him feel secure at bed times. It's also beneficial as a calming down aid.

  • Zyle

    Zyle suffers from severe ASD and we have funded a specialist weighted chest harness & reins to keep him safe when out with mum.

  • Kieren Barley

    Kieren has severe learning disabilities and visual impairment. We have just provided Keiren with horse riding lesson's which he loves at the North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled, enjoy Kieren :)

  • Freddie's Friend Brendon

    Brendan Hampson

    Brendan suffers from Diplegic Cerebral Palsy and his mum requested a specialist P-Pod seat for Brendan which keeps him in a symmetrical posture whilst relaxing. :) With help from our good friends at Lily's Fund we were able to fund this for Brendan.

  • Amy Elsmore

    Amy as Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy & currently sleeps in a downstairs bedroom. We have funded a video monitor so her mum & dad can check on Amy during the night.

  • Preston

    At the age of 10 months Preston was diagnosed with Haemophilus B Meningitis and Septicemia. Now at the age of three he has some global and development delays. His family requested a specialist climbing frame to promote his motor skills. Along with our friends at Lily's fund we were able to fund the climbing frame.

  • Freddie's Friend Violet in her P-Pod chair

    Violet Jones

    Violet is a beautiful little girl with a very rare genetic occurrence. Violet has global delays and many physical and learning disabilities. Violet loves her specialist P-Pod seat but has out grown hers. Along with Lily's fund we were delighted to fund a new one for Violet x

  • Andrew

    Andrew is a six year old boy with severe autism with no verbal communications. Andrew has been attending a sensory room at the local Children's Centre and he has really benefited from these sessions.

    We have funded a projector and bubble tube for Andrew's bedroom so he can benefit from the sensory equipment from the comfort of his home.

  • Oscar Kurens

    Oscar has severe epilepsy and global delays. We have funded a TV monitor so his mum can have peace of mind whilst sleeping.

  • Sophie Carter

    Sophie is 10 years old with cerebral palsy and leaning difficulties. Sophie loves horse riding and we were delighted to fund some lessons for Sophie :)

  • Zak

    Zak has many complex needs, including delayed social, global & communication needs. Freddies have funded accessories to Zaks specialist push chair.

  • Naomi

    Naomi suffers from epilepsy & autism. With your continued help we have been able to fund specialist swimwear for Naomi who loves her hydro pool sessions at Ganton Special School. Thank You x

  • Lucas Holt

    Lucas is a very poorly 3 year old boy with many needs, he has been diagnosed with Epilepsy, Hypopituitarism & Mild Cerebral Palsey. With your fundraising we have been able to fund a specialist corner bath seat to make his bath times that little bit more comfy :)

  • Elika

    Elika is a 15 year old young lady who is totally dependent on her carers. She has poor sight and severe learning disabilities.

    Elika gets lots of joy using a Sensory Activity Arch at Sunshine House were she attends. Freddies have funded one plus accessories for Elika to enjoy at home.

  • Jenson

    Jenson is a 3 year old boy who has Familial X Chromosome Abnormalities which affects him in many ways. We have funded a Jenx Positioning Seat to help with Jensons movement development.

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    Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

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