In memory of Freddie Appleyard.
A website to help disabled children and their families.

What we do

We set up Freddie's Friends in 2008 in memory of our lovely son. In the years since, with the help of our wonderful fundraisers, donors and sponsors, Freddie's have been able to provide specialist equipment, support and respite for disabled children and their families.

  • Adam & Connor Nelson

    We provide Adam & Connor with special weighted blankets that made them feel secure at bedtime, they have been a great sucess! x

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    Freddie's Friend Laiten

    Laiten Carroll-Gedge

    Laiten is 2 years old and has global delays and many other problems. Even after all this, he is a happy little boy who has just moved into his own room and needed some lighting to make him sleep better. Freddie's Friends provided Laiten with a sensory Galaxy Projector for him to watch while he drifts off to sleep!

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    Freddie's Friend Charlie Godfrey

    Charlie Godfrey

    Charlie as been suffering from many seizure's and his mum requested funding for a TV monitor to give her some peace of mind. We were more then glad to provide this for Charlie xx

  • Freddie's Friend Lana


    Lana is one of Freddie's old friend's and we have recently provided her with a raincover and parasol for her specialist buggy, enjoy Lana xx

  • Luke Daniels

    Luke suffers from very sleepless nights and we provided him with a special weighted blanket x

  • Dylan Brewster

    Dylan suffers from febrile convulsions. Freddie's Friends funded a TV monitor so his parents could watch Dylan whilst he sleeps x

  • Ellis Temple

    Ellis suffers from cerebral palsy with limited mobility. Along with our friends at Lily's Fund we provided the family with a specialist car seat xx

  • Charlie in his wheels!!

    Charlie Fox

    Charlie loves playing football in his garden but his wheels kept getting stuck in the mud. His mum wanted to astro turf his garden so Freddie's Friends with the help of the Grand Masonic Lodge stepped in and funded the project. Charlies next purchases will be a set of goal post's.

  • Poppy, Mum & Evie

    Poppy Dales

    Poppy is a beautiful little girl with many problem and Freddie's Friends bought Poppy a sensory tub full of specialist toys and a Galaxy Starlight for her bedroom. Enjoy Poppy xx

  • Maddy and Rachel

    Maddison Newall

    We have just delivered Maddy a tub full of sensory toys and a Galaxy Starlight, Maddy particulary likes the sensory dog xx

  • Riley

    Riley as many problems and still is one of the happiest boys we have helped. Freddie's Friends have just supplied Riley with a bubble tube and softy cushion. Enjoy Riley.

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    Freddie's Friend Violet

    Violet Jones

    We have just funded a spinner seat for Violet for her garden.

    Violet is one of Freddies oldest friends. They spent lots of time playing together in the sensory room at Sunshine House and we were delighted to fund this equipment for Violet xx

  • Freddie's Friend Tyler

    Tyler Murphy

    Tyler is suffering from a brain tumour and he has been left with various disabilities. We have just sent Tyler & his family to an overnight stay at Chessington World of Adventure.

  • We have helped Bradley by providing him with special accessories for his wheelchair

    Bradley Stabler

    Bradley has Chromosome 10q 26 deletion, a very rare disorder which causes him various problems. We have just funding an accessory pack for his special push chair.

  • Gorgeous Jake who we delivered some sensory and fibre optic lighting.

    Jake Hall

    Jake as many problems to put up with but always manages a smile. We have just funded a Fibre Optic Light System and a soft play cylinder to aid is mobility.

  • Harvey enjoying his tablet!!


    Harvey needed a special needs tablet for his work at Tweendykes. Freddie's Friends were delighted to fund the tablet for Harvey.

  • Freddie's Friend Grace

    Grace Docherty

    Grace is unfortunately suffering from cancer but always as a smile on her face. She recently visited Father Christmas in lapland and Freddie's Friends donated some money to Grace to spend on the things she loves.

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    Freddie's Friends Christmas Panto

    Christmas Panto

    Freddie's Friends as just taken some of our special children and their familys to Hull New Theatre to see the Chuckle Brothers in Sleeping Beauty. A great night was enjoyed by all!!