In memory of Freddie Appleyard.
A website to help disabled children and their families.

What we do

We set up Freddie's Friends in 2008 in memory of our lovely son. In the years since, with the help of our wonderful fundraisers, donors and sponsors, Freddie's have been able to provide specialist equipment, support and respite for disabled children and their families.

  • Freddie's Friend Jack Christmas

    Jack Christmas

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    Freddie's Friend Leland


    Leland is a lovely little boy who has severe autism and other problems. Freddie's Friends provided him with a special needs buggy which will keep him safe when the family are out and about.

  • Freddie's Friend Ashton

    Ashton Mitchell

    Ashton is a very special little boy with lots of problems. Freddie's Friends provided him with a specialist car seat. You can see how happy he is!!

  • Freddie's Friend Logan


    Logan is a gorgeous little boy who suffers from lots of problems and attends Frederick Holmes School. His lovely Mum and Dad asked if we could buy him a sensory light so we happily got him the Starshine Galaxy which lights up the whole room, and makes you feel like you are in space!!

  • Freddie's Friend Aleyha

    Alehya Lowsey

    Aleyha is a beautiful 3 year old girl who has several problems. She is unable to communicate or understand the world around her. Aleyha's lovely mum Victoria wanted to create a safe play area in the garden, which was all overgrown with no grass anywhere. Freddie's Friends provided turf, seeds and bark to transform the garden, and also provided Aleyha with some toys to play in the garden.

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    Freddie's Friends the Telford family

    The Telford family

    Michael, Matthew, rebecca and David Telford all have severe autism and attend special schools. They are all in nappies but are no longer able to swim unless they wear incontinence swimwear which are quite expensive, especially to buy 4! Freddie's Friends were able to buy each child a swimsuit, which will enable them to go swimming at school.

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    Freddie's Friend Mitchell Longden

    Mitchell Longden

    Mitchell is a gorgeous 4 year old boy who has severe developmental delays and wears a full body cast because of spondalosis. Freddie's Friends provided him with some sensory toys and lights - although he seemed more interested in Peppa Pig on the TV at the time!!

  • Freddie's Friend Lana and her brother


    Lana is a gorgeous little 11 month girl who has had so many problems since birth. Her condition is still not yet diagnosed, and she has just spent 3 months in Hull Royal Infirmary in ICU after having operations on her stomach and bowels. Thankfully Lana is home with her brother and sisters and Mum Leanne. Lana loves sensory lights but doesn't have any at home. Freddie's Friends bought a Starshine Galaxy for Lana, which she absolutely loves x

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    Freddie's Friend Charlie Godfrey

    Charlie Godfrey

    Charlie is a gorgeous 2 year old boy who suffers from many problems, including having many seizures each day. Charlie's mum April has made a fantastic safe area for Charlie to play in, and Freddie's Friends bought him a Galaxy Starlight for him to watch and chill out when he is under the weather.

  • Jade Freeman

    Jade who has impaired hearing in both ears & has autism wanted some sensory equipment for her bedroom. Freddie's Friends were only too glad to help and provided Jade with some fibre optic lighting, mirror's and a bubble tube.

  • Freddie's Friend Emily's mum

    Emily Ibbotsen

    Emily who is one of Freddie's oldest friends wanted a bubble tube for her bedroom which we were pleased to fund.

  • Joey Cooper

    Joey, who suffers from severe autism & has no verbal communictaion, had outgrown his bike. He has balance problems and Freddie's Friends teamed up with Lily's fund to buy Joey his special trike.

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    Freddie's Friends at Gullivers Kingdom

    Mia Young, Savannah West, Violet Jones & Jack Christmas.

    On Saturday 8th October Freddie's Friends took a coach trip of children and their families to Gullivers Kingdom in Matlock, Derbyshire. We had a lovely day and even the few rain showers couldn't spoil the fun we had. Thank you to Gullivers Kingdom for providing the tickets xx